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Nippon Manga Geijutsu Gakuin

1-16Kogane-dori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 453-0804
Phone: (+81) 52-483-3151
FAX: (+81) 52-483-2663
Principal: SEI Mitsuo School Admission Consultation
Office: OMOTO Shuhei

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Foundation 2011
School Policy Taking pride in the creative culture that originated from Japan, Manga Geijutsu Gakuin aims to develop the spirit of innovation and true creativity in a healthy manner. We will cultivate highly professional human resources who can reflect the needs of the age on their work and also have a rich sense of humanity. Providing a vibrant learning environment for the students, we will establish a system to support their expression and creative activities.
Major Facilities
and Equipment
Library, Macintosh computer room, photo studio, recording studio, computer music room, multipurpose area, make-up studio, design studio, dubbing studio, etc.

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Special Features of
Our School

School dedicated to manga and voice acting

In 2011, Manga Geijutsu Gakuin will open as the first vocational school dedicated to manga and voice acting in the Tokai region, aiming to be a top-class school in the genres. The fields of manga and voice acting, which are proud cultures of Japan, are collectively called “media art” at our school, and are used as the name of the department. Although the courses at our school also include subjects other than manga, we regard manga in a broad sense as the symbol of our Media Art Department as a whole and proudly include “Manga” in the name of our school.

Practical lessons with the goal of working as professionals in the industry

We are strongly aware in our education policy that the goal of our students is to make their debut in the industry, and have established an environment and curriculum in which they can properly learn how to create manga and how to perform as voice actors from the first step. Including specially appointed lecturers such as Ms. Machiko Satonaka, a leading professional cartoonist, and Mr. Kazuki Yao, a voice actor famous for One Piece and other animated works, our lecturers have various personalities and talents, and instruct students in a well-planned manner. In our curriculum, which aims to improve the capacity of each student according to their individual characteristics, the students can acquire practical skills, and we also provide support for their career paths and plans after graduation in consideration of their respective preferences and situations.

Practical lessons with the goal of working as professionals in the industry

Manga Geijutsu Gakuin is established as a subsidiary school of the Manga Department and the Communication Department of Designer Geijutsu Gakuin Nagoya School, which has a long track record and tradition in the education arena. In addition, the educational know-how of the Manga Department of Designer Geijutsu Gakuin Sendai School, a sister school with a good track record and reputation in the Tohoku Region, is also introduced. Thus, our school makes full use of the rich experiences and networks of the Group schools in various parts of Japan.

We have a strength as a single-department school

Because the goal of our students is to make their debut as professionals, they need a concentrated environment where they can maintain high motivation and stimulate each other as companions with the same goal. We have the specialties that vocational schools should originally have as well as the advantage of being familiar with the specific areas. Manga Geijutsu Gakuin places top priority on bringing out the talent of each student with the strength inherent in vocational schools and through finely tuned instructions.